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| February 20, 2012

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My mother-in-law’s 60th birthday was looming, which incited a discussion of facecakes. (BTW: Happy Birthday to Tina Drabicky. Check out her site, which sells some cool old stuff, including jewelry made out of human hair.) It was tempting to spend the week in bed eating madeleines and having Proustian recollections about cakes past.

Speaking of cakes past, I gotta say, I’m not even the slighted bit sad to see Hostess file for Chapter 11 again for the second time in a decade. I realize the company has a long-ish history (you can read about it at But I don’t care. The company, like its food, is hopelessly mediocre. In fact I hope the company fades into oblivion. If they do, they will leave a big hole in the snack cake world. That hole could better be filled by legions of boutique snack cake food trailers, bakeshops, and bakeries. And the world would be a better place.

For this week’s episode, I visited two tiny shops that put out little cakes and talked with their bakers. I had come cupcakes at Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop and talked with Olivia O’Neal. I also stopped by Holy Cacao for some cake balls.

Sugar Mama’s also has pupcakes, sales of which benefit Austin Pets Alive. So if your pups are hungry, get them a few pupcakes. I wonder if I can convince Olivia to make cat cakes. What would even go in those? Chicken? Salmon? Bugs?

If you want to know how many calories of goodness you are consuming in a cupcake, you can do that over at Eating Well. But do you really want to know? (I do. Kind of.)

Finally, check out the periodic table in cupcakes.

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