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| February 28, 2012

venison meat loaf

Hey, folks. I learned a lot in making this episode. First of all, learned where I could get some good, albeit frozen, local venison at Hudson Sausage Co. I also learned that I could defrost said meat under hot water with no health hazards. This probably won’t be my preferred method of thawing, given that much of the juices drained out, resulting in a dryish meatloaf. Then again, I probably cooked it too long because I didn’t fully trust the hot water thawing method. I don’t, however, blame the recipe.

The recipe was fromThe 1997 Joy of Cooking.I have come to JOC see as an exemplar of the fluidity of the book. According to recent studies, only 18 of the original recipes are still in Joy of Cooking. For the source on that research, as well as information about increasing portion sizes, check out Marion Nestle’s blog, Food Politics. Incidentally, if you want the original version, you can still get the Joy of Cooking 1931 Facsimile Edition. Heck, you can still get just about any edition.

I also learned that just because you are a patent troll with lots of degrees and money and fancy equipment, your burger won’t necessarily be better than the backyard variety. Listen to a story about patent troll and cookbook author Nathan Myhrvold or check out his book, Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking.

Did you know venison refers to any wild game?

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