Episode 015: Urban Foraging

| May 1, 2012

prickly pear cactus

Foraged grilled napoles. Photo by Anastasia Drabicky

In this episode, I successfully forage for salsa makings. I get some ingredients at the salsa bar from Taco Cabana, which is totally cheating. But the rest of the ingredients—nopales, wild onions, rosemary—I foraged from the landscape. Check out the finished product, all for $2 a plate:

Foraged rosemary smoked chicken tacos with foraged napoles salsa verde. Photo by Anastasia Drabicky

Also, if you are interested in producing an episode of No Satiation, I will give you an Edirol R1 or a Blue Microphones Mikey Recording Microphonefor free. All you have to do is produce one episode. Hit me up at will at no satiation dot com for details.

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